wooden pallet sun lounger

Plastic, metal or wooden pallet sun lounger?

Which one would you go for, wooden pallet sun lounger, plastic or metal. And why?
Swimming pool side wooden pallet sun loungers
By the end of this quick guide, and when you consider everything, you will agree with me that the wood pallet sun lounger is the best of the three.
White painted wood pallet sun loungers
Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are, which is most the comfortable and durable, and what styles are available at affordable prices.
Are you fed-up looking for the pros and cons of each material? Maybe you’re getting nowhere. There is no right or wrong decision, only your personal needs and desires. But the pallet wood meet the most needs.
You can relax, we’ve done the work for you. And now we want to demonstrate to you.

Plastic and metal sun loungers

plastic sun loungers

Even if you are looking purely for convenience, the wooden pallet sun lounger is more convenient. But then if you look at the price and maintenance, plastic could be for you. Plastic is extremely cheap to manufacture meaning you pay less. But then the cost difference is soo small, and cheap, in this case, is expensive. Because you may notice a lack in plastic sun lounger of quality as a result. And don’t expect to add much of an aesthetic appeal to your garden or pool side. You may also disagree with the destructive environmental impact caused by non-biodegradable hard plastics.
And there are other factors to consider about this choice. They are:
  • Visually unappealing

  • Can break fairly easily, sometimes dangerously.

  • Can cause uncomfortable sweating when in the heat, not to mention those static shocks!

  • Physically unstable – common wobbling experience.

  • Easily blown away in strong winds.

  • Destructive environmental impact from production.

Verdict: If you are looking for the benefits of plastic furniture – low maintenance and high durability – but with more aesthetic appeal, metal is a even a better option. However don’t expect to be lounging in absolute comfort on a metal sun lounger. And have a hose ready on those hot summer days to avoid scalding your entire family.

Wooden pallet sun lounger: The Perfect Choice

Wooden pallet sun lounger is the best bet if you are looking to achieve a perfect balance between sustainability, comfort and beauty in craftsmanship. A high-quality pallet wood is certainly worth the work. Wood pallet sun lounger, table and canopy shade


  • Visually stunning – extremely versatile in design due to the flexible nature of pallet wood.

  • Comfortable – Doesn’t get too hot in the sun or sweaty with extended use.

  • Environmentally friendly if sourced correctly.

  • Ages beautifully without compromising durability.

Verdict: Budget is less actually not an issue as pallet wood is not expensive. And even if your the design your require is slightly more expensive, and you are looking to relax in luxurious comfort and style, a wooden pallet sun lounger set is for you. You can find a wide variety of designs and finishes to suit your tastes. Bear in mind there is more maintenance involved with wooden pallet furniture, though if you buy a high-quality wood such as teak, maintenance is only required once a year. As they say, manual labor is good for the soul.

Garden Sun Loungers

Wooden pallet sun lounger garden furniture

Here we want to give you some insights into the benefits you will accrue from our garden wooden pallet sun lounger. Although the benefits are more from the sun than from the garden furniture. But it is the sun lounger that facilitates and encourages sun bathing.

Did you know that every time you sun lounge, your bones get stronger? Even though the sun will never reach your bones. UV rays help produce vitamin D in the skin. Remember that this vitamin is very important for the mineralization of bones. By promoting the absorption in the intestine of calcium and phosphorus and preventing their loss in the kidney.

5 or 10 minutes of sun are enough, two or three times a week to recharge the deposits of vitamin D. In Kenya it is very easy to get, since we have sun all year round. But in countries with fewer hours of sun, there are higher incidence of rickets in children and osteoporosis.

The sun stimulates your defenses

Have you noticed that in the winters after a vacation in the sun, you have less flu and colds? It has been seen that the sun is capable of increasing the number of white blood cells or lymphocytes , the cells responsible for the first defense against infection.

Balances cholesterol

Do fats dissolve in the sun? Well, although it sounds strange, this is the case, people who live in sunny climates have a lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol levels have been found to be lower in summer , in part because UV light is necessary to metabolize cholesterol, and when we sunbathe lowers cholesterol levels and prevents it from sticking to the arteries.

Another explanation is also that in summer we move more and eat more fruits and vegetables in season.

Vitamin D lowers blood pressure

Did you know that some athletes avoid sunbathing before a competition? The sun causes a vasodilation of superficial blood vessels and increases blood circulation in the skin, lowering blood pressure values.

It also increases metabolism and cleansing of tissues. These beneficial effects can work against a sportsperson, since the drop in blood pressure can cause a decrease in alertness before a test, but after the competition or in people with hypertension the sun has a medicinal effect.

The explanation seems to be in vitamin D again, because in the presence of this vitamin, parathyroid hormone levels decrease, which is responsible for releasing calcium from the bones and regulating blood pressure. When vitamin D levels rise from the sun, parathyroid hormone and blood pressure decrease accordingly.

Sunbathing prevents cancer

Did you know that there are cancers that appear more frequently in countries with fewer hours of sunshine? Mediterranean countries have a lower incidence of breast cancer, colon cancer, etc. versus the Nordic countries.

The explanation for this natural protection is once again in the protective effect of vitamin D against tumors. Recent studies have found that sunlight helps protect not only against breast and colon cancer, but also against other tumors such as ovarian, bladder, uterus, stomach, lymphomas and prostate.

Vitamin D protects against multiple sclerosis

What does a degenerative disease of the central nervous system have to do with the sun? Scientists have not discovered it yet, it seems that the relationship is in the increase in vitamin D levels, but the facts speak for themselves: the incidence of multiple sclerosis (MS) is higher in countries with fewer hours of sunlight. It seems that sun exposure in childhood dramatically reduces the risk of developing this disease in the future.


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