Twin wood pallet bed

Pallet twin bed with beddings for two

The twin wood pallet bed is one of the most popular options for bed sizes, rivaled only by the queen pallet bed. Measuring 39″ wide by 75″ long, a twin size mattress is designed for small children’s bedrooms.

Twin wooden pallet beds side by side

Check out the wide selection of twin wood pallet bed options available, and be sure to also get twin mattress size bedding to go along with it. In any case all our pallet furniture are custom made. So, you are sure to get the size you desire.

Japanese style twin pallet beds

And not only the size, you will also get your bed to harmonize with your interior decoration. And that is why the beds with wooden pallets are fashionable. Because It is no longer just a matter of recycling or wanting to have pallet furniture that is modern. And neither is it the elements of pallet furniture that saves you money. But they have become a trend in aesthetics. 

A pallet trundle bed

In regard to aesthetics, the current wooden pallet beds are integrated into any space and interior decoration style. And this allows you to turn your bedroom into one with a certain rustic and modern look at the same time. In addition, you can not only use the pallets as a base. One of the latest trends you will find is that of pallets as a headboard.

The twin wooden pallet bed also lends itself to the fact that you can have it at the height you want depending on the number of pallets. In this way, you can have a bed at ground level if you like, imitating the style of Japanese (bed) or tatami mats.

And if you would like to call a double decker bed a twin bed, we make that too.

Double decker children's bed

Understanding the twin bed

The twin wood pallet bed is one of the broadest universes that exists today is the market for rest products. In you find excellent beds that provide us with a large space where we can calmly master sleep. What better than to have two beds in your room.

These models are generally always used in youth or children’s bedrooms. But sometimes they can also be installed in guest bedrooms. And if you are a person who a bedroom with another person, it is best that each one has their space to sleep peacefully.

It is the space in you bedroom that will be a fundamental factor in the dimensions of the beds. And that i if your home has very small bedrooms, surely there will not be enough space for the two beds. On the other hand, if the rooms are spacious then there will be no problem to install both beds. And you can place each one in the corners of the bedroom. So that you will have a good space to move quietly without obstacles in front.

Twin Pallet bed with storage

A twin wood pallet bed with storage drawers

If you are looking for twin beds with storage we offer a variety of different looks to perfectly match bedroom decors of all kinds. And that a host of single bed frames with built-in storage drawers to keep all your extra stuff organized. Our selection of versatile twin size beds are available in a range of unique styles and finishes. From sleek models with rustic wood frames to classic wood grain designs.

Pallet trundle beds

Trundle bed

A pallet trundle bed is perfect for two siblings to sleep in the same room. For a pallet trundle is a large platform made of pallet wood on wheels that tuck under a standard bed to save space. Interestingly, the word appears to come from an old word for the sound of something rolling across the floor. And that is exactly what a trundle does.

The pallet trundle is designed to match the bed and maximize the use of under the bed space. And modern casters make it easy to roll the trundle out over hardwood floors or carpet.

Most of today’s homes have two or three bedrooms. And finding a larger one is complicated and much more expensive. This represents quite a challenge for parents of multiple children. They must have a place where each one of them sleeps and at the same time space for them to play and study. A trundle bed may be the solution.

Because during the day a trundle bed occupies the size of a single bed. But at night it becomes two beds. Of course, they are as comfortable as two single beds.


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