Wood pallet wall desk

Multifunctional wood pallet wall desk

One of the best and most practical solutions for small rooms: the wood pallet wall desk, or table.

Wall desk make of pallet wood

The smaller your room, the better planned it needs to be to ensure comfort, functionality and, of course, perfect aesthetics. And getting the furniture choice right a big step. After all they occupy a large part of the available space.

A wall desk is nothing more than… .a wall table! You may say it is a type of multifunctional furniture super suitable for those who have little space available at home. Because it fits perfectly the aesthetic and practical needs of everyday life. The wood pallet wall desk usually has a rectangular shape, which is the most recommended to save space.

The pallet wall desk can be just a conventional table positioned close to the wall with the chairs around it. Or it can take on three more basic types: retractable wall desk, folding wall desk or extendable wall desk. All of these models are designed to optimize the space of the room.

Custom made wall desks

Wall desks are usually an afterthought, because of a need that suddenly arises. For example you might have been forced telework from home during these days of confinement due to the coronavirus. Then you discovered is that you do not have a comfortable or functional desk at home. Custom made wall desk with drawers

And that the chairs that you have at home are not the best to withstand long hours of work with the correct posture. Or the desk is not receiving the best lighting or is not at the recommended height. Then the need to adapt your workspace at home arises. And therefore the need for a custom made wall desk. One aesthetic and cost effect way to achieve this is by a custom made wood pallet wall desk.

Floating desk: The desk on the wall

A floating desk is an eye-catcher in every apartment or office. 

Floating wooden wall desk

Floating wooden wall desk

At the same time, the desk also functions as a stylish wall bracket. But what is the best way to attach the table top to the wall? And that as invisible as possible?

If a desk is to be mounted on the wall, there are two important points you must consider:

  1. The nature of the wall: The first requirement is that the wall on which you will mount the desk has sufficient stability. Solid masonry is best. Plasterboard unfortunately does not work. And if you live in an old building you should definitely check the stability of the wall in advance. A crashed desk on which, in the worst case, the new computer, printer or the like stood is very annoying. In order to avoid such a horror scenario, it is inevitable that the wall allows good anchoring.

    Important: The planned load on the worktop and the attachment to the wall must match each other.

  2. The load on the plate

    You can attach the plate directly to the wall with stable angles. Or you can first attach a square timber under the desk worktop. Then fix the square timber to the wall, paying attention to the appropriate dowels. Steel pipes, for example, are suitable as additional supports, but these are of course visible. For the best hold, chisel in the wall and wall in one end of the steel pipes there.

retractable wall desks

The retractable wall desks are the type that can be “pulled” and “pushed” later into some furniture or under a counter, for example. That is, when the table is not in use, it literally leaves the scene.

folding wall desk

Wall mounted folding laptop desk

Wall mounted folding laptop desk

The folding wall desk is pretty similar. With the difference that the opening and closing mechanism is made from the bottom up. This means that the table folds and unfolds against the wall each time it is put into use.

extendable wall desk

extendable wooden wall desk

And finally, you still have the option of an extendable wall desk. In this model, the desk extends, increasing and decreasing in size. Therefore offering more places for special events such as dinner.


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