Wood pallet folding chair

First of all watch this video on how to construct a wood pallet folding chair. Because, as they say, seeing is believing. Although these kind of wooden folding chairs have not been so common in the recent past, they were quite common in Kenya in the 70s and 80s. And as you know fashion repeats itself.

Fashion, over time, has changed drastically. But somehow fashion keeps finding a way to repeat itself. This is mainly as result of interior and product designers deciding to bring back old trends. Wood furniture Designers believed that since these trends were popular at one point, they have a high chance of becoming popular again. And they are right.

But besides fashion and the aesthetic values, the wooden pallet folding chair has other intrinsic benefits.

The wood pallet folding chairs are practical and functional

The main advantage of  a wooden pallet folding chair is the practicality it offers. As a general rule, they are comfortable chairs that can be used both on a day-to-day basis or occasionally. Who does not remember a celebration held at home in which some of the people present were not sitting on a folding chair while others were sitting on the usual dining room chairs? They are a must in every home as they always offer an additional seat. The folding chairs get you out of a hurry when you receive unexpected visitors or organize copious meals or dinners either with family or friends.

Folding chairs – save space and are easy to store

Pallet folding chairs are perfect for small spaces. For example, they will be the ideal and even necessary complement in kitchens or small dining rooms. Because they can serve as a supplement in case of needing an additional seat. You simply unfold, position the chair and sit down.

Once they have been used they can be easily and quickly collected and stored, in any closet, pantry, storage room or garage. Thus, that space they occupy can be left free to carry out other activities or simply so that the room is not so cluttered with furniture.

Pallet wood folding chairs are lightweight

Another advantage of a pallet folding chair is its lightness. As they weigh little, are easily collected and take up little space, they can be used both at home and for any getaway. What the plan is a barbecue with friends in the country? You take your folding chairs and to the trunk or the back seat of your car. The same if what you prefer is to spend a day on the beach browning your skin in the sun.


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