wood pallet armchair

Decoration with wood pallet armchair

The trending wood pallet armchair is testimony that this year 2021 is the year of sobriety in interior decoration.

Stylish varnished wood pallet armchairs

No more overloading the rooms with thousands of objects. Because decorating with measure and moderation is the in thing now. And what is the main reason?

Low cost red cushioned wood pallet armchair

From last year nature takes on the prominence it deserves and materials must be respectful with the environment. In other words, recycled if possible or reused, the result of a more responsible furniture consumption. So, do it with the wood pallet armchair. 

Stained outdoor pallet armchair

And in this way you return to simplicity, basic textures and natural materials like pallet wood. Because it is the quintessential indoor and outdoor furniture that meets these requirements.

Big or small armchair: You can choose the dimensions

You can choose the dimensions of you wood pallet armchair since the manufacture of pallet furniture is done on the basis of pieces.

small pallet wood armchair

Because you are able to add more or fewer pallets to the furniture. So you can choose the size of your sofa longue, or dining chair. Adding more or less pieces of pallets, so the furniture adapts to the available space. Be these very open spaces where a piece of furniture of great presence fits, or more welcoming where less is more.

Most western armchairs are at least the equivalent of a small loveseat. This may not always be very comfortable for a couple.  Therefore, if you are going to share it or have guests who come as a couple, think of something bigger.

You should also consider the size of the space in which you are going to place it. In this case, a smaller size may be more convenient.

100% customizable appearance

You can order a ready-to-customize wood pallet armchair in a wide range of finishes and colors. Whether you are a handyman or you want a finished product, we have a solution that will suit your needs. The limit is your imagination!

Garden pallet armchair

The return of wood pallet armchair as the main material in 2021 helps to create unique spaces with a natural and ecological trend.

Rocking Armchair

For this reason, outdoor pallet chairs are the top option this year. A piece of garden furniture that can serve to highlight a peaceful, sustainable way of life linked to nature. These wooden armchairs can be installed directly on the floor. Thus imitating the style in fashion this year: the japandi trend.

A trend that mixes the Nordic style and the Japanese lifestyle. In which the furniture brings us a little closer to the earth and the sofas are carried without legs. Just like wood pallet armchairs, directly on the grass of your garden or the floor of your terrace.

Advantages recycled wood furniture

A wood pallet armchair has original look always, to say the least – the texture of natural wood is unique. It’s wood grains shows a drawing of rings, a wide range of colors and non-standard patterns.

Grey cushion and red pillow pallet armchair

And you can also give it any color you want. Either by painting it, and the paint also act as protective coating, or by colored cushion fabrics.

Conscious living with the principles of ecology and the growing popularity of natural elements of interior design have led to an increased interest in furniture made of wooden pallets. Not only the aesthetic values, but also the functional functions of wooden pallets should encourage you to choose this way.

Other benefit you stand to gain

Like with all pallet furniture, the wood pallet armchair has numerous other benefits. Let as highlight a few of them as follows:

  • Durability – the weight of a standard Euro-pallet (EPAL) is only 25 kg, and the weight it can carry is between 1000-1500 kg.
  • A variety of colors – depending on the type of wood, the pallet has different colors. Most often, Euro-pallet furniture is made of softwood (pine or spruce) and deciduous (birch or alder). A good way to get your desired color is to paint wooden furniture with varnish, oil or stain.
  • Versatility – you can use them in different ways depending on your needs. One time they can take the form of a coffee table. And the next time they can act as a bookshelf. Will you can still use them as a bedside table. Sometimes it is enough to throw pillows on furniture made of pallets to easily transform a wooden structure into a sofa, armchair or daybed. You can make furniture made of pallets for a bedroom, living room, or children’s room. And even a kitchen or bathroom. Because is enough to properly prepare and impregnate the wood, which can even be used in damp rooms.
  • Mobility – pallet furniture is not heavy, so it is easy to move or rearrange.


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