white wood pallet bed

The white wood pallet bed is increasingly becoming very popular. But that is just in recent years.

White pallet bed making a room look bigger

This is because of the seemingly impracticality of white wooden furniture at first glance. However, this article will show the other side of a white wooden pallet bed. And indeed all white furniture. Because a white wood pallet bed is not only beautiful and stylish. But also practical. And if you will properly take care of it, the furniture will serve you for a very long time.

White themed bedroom

The first attraction of white pallet furniture is the purity of color, making it popular among home owners. But besides the aesthetics, a white bed color helps to visually expand the room and make space more look bigger than it is. Just like a white wall also does.

White outdoor sofa bed

And you will agree with me that white color has now become a traditional for the bedroom. Because it creates a sense of purity, lightness and airiness. Such a pallet bed is favorable and worth attentionAnd the color also serves to preserve the pallet wood.

Wood Trim

For a satisfactory white wood pallet bed you need to trim the wood. Wood trim refers to the improvement or protection of a wood surface. Especially in furniture manufacturing, where it typically accounts for 10 to 30% of production costs.

bed with underneath blue light

Because pallet wood finishing is the final step in the bed manufacturing process that gives wooden bed surfaces the desired properties. And this including improved appearance and increased resistance to moisture and other environmental factors.

By decorating your bed you will also make the wood easier to clean and keep it sanitized. Because you seal the pores in the pallet wood that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, white finish makes it possible to give low-cost wood the appearance of such expensive and inaccessible wooden bed.

It therefore requires careful planning to ensure that the finished bed looks attractive.  serves well and meets safety and environmental requirements. 

Pallet wood with a rough texture, such as oak and other ring-shaped porous woods, may need to be filled before finishing. And that is in order for the white coating to close the pores and resist cracking. Porous wood mainly absorbs age spots and can be used to highlight wood fibers.

White painting on wooden pallet 

You can paint your wooden pallet bed white to change its color, or leave it unpainted before applying varnish or other topcoats. But with white paint you improve the appearance of the wood by reducing color differences between conifers and core.

You also enable pallet wood such as poplar to look like the most expensive piece of furniture such as ebony, mahogany or walnut. And you can do so with white dyes or pigmented coating.

But before you do that, you must start by cleaning the pallet wood. To clean the surface of fat, stains, and various contaminants, you was the surface must with a brush, sponge, or rag, with clean water and leave it to dry completely.

Then grind after to dry it until the roughness is destroyed and the surface becomes dull.

Protective coating of outdoor pallet furniture

To guarantee the durability of pallet furniture and other structures in exterior wood, you must take good protection.  Because the more you expose the wooden furniture to the action of bad weather – rain, sun, winds or salt air -, the greater the care must be.

Cracks and darkening are some of the common problems. Not to mention the appearance of pests, such as termites or borers, and fungi.

But you will find in general, most products developed specifically for wood protection are special. They have fungicidal and water repellent properties.
However, some varieties may offer you specific protections against the action of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the level of protection of your pallet furniture.


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