Vintage style pallet coffee table

Vintage coffee table in modern urban living room

The vintage style pallet coffee table easily supports most other decorative interior design styles. Whether your interior décor style is modern, minimalist, farmhouse, bohemian, or contemporary, an antique style pallet coffee table can work in your home!

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Compared to other large furniture creating an aging on pallet coffee tables is much easier. For instance,
with chalk paints you can completely change the look of tables made of pallet wood. Or you can simply use simple acrylic water paints for wood.

The most special colors, apart from white-beige-brown, is the addition of raw pallet wood to the central surface of the table to which you will give an aged look. Because of the contrast painting in two  different shades. And also the preservation of the natural color of the wood on the central surface or legs of the table and painting only the rest of the furniture. As well as the use of patina to emphasize carvings or special design points of the wood. These are the basic options to completely change the look of old tables or very cheap pieces that you will find in the market.

Shabby chic vintage style pallet coffee table

Мебель из деревянных поддонов (паллет) своими руками - FAQ по реальности

You will not differentiate our vintage style pallet coffee table from an ancient one. But it is simply a decorative style that is certainly in the trends of the moment. And it is a decorative technique that comes from afar. You may also call it the shabby chic style. This style brings with it the value of simplicity, of reuse, it enhances time and the signs of its passage.

The surfaces are deliberately peeled, the wood is pickled to exasperate, at times to create, signs of wear. It is a style naturally suitable for recycling. We do not use antique furniture but preferably old, it is declined in a wide range of variations able to interpret the space according to everyone’s taste.

It uses color, never bright, even when the colors explore shades different from white and pastel. The varnishes for the wood are superimposed in contrast. And thus one color allows a glimpse of the other, in a game of alternations. And that is what creates that effect of shabby elegance that the name “shabby chic” describes so well.

The wooden pallets

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Pallets or wooden pallets, indispensable supports in the daily working life of companies, are solid and strong loading platforms. Thanks to their characteristics. Because they give perfectly match recycling, and great customization possibilities. And that is why they are currently very popular for that urban style touch that effortlessly give to the environment. They are at the center of a thousand creative proposals.

Made most often in poplar, fir, pine and beech wood, they are extremely versatile elements. And with a little patience, creativity and good wood paints, making shabby chic effect pallets will be easy and very satisfying.

But Although they are sometimes found selling along the roads and in the squares of industrial areas, the use of supports whose origin and previous use you do not know is strongly not recommended.

You can then buy them, or ask a company you know like Pallet Furnishing Contractors to do it for you.


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