Single pallet bed

We have an abundance of designs and sizes even for a single pallet bed. Or a pallet single bed, whatever you want to call it.

Custom Size Pine Wood Pallet Single Bed

Custom Size Pine Wood Pallet Single Bed

It is good you note that pallet furniture, including the single pallet bed, are custom made, or made to measure. And therefore you get to choose the size of your single bed.

The space you have available in your bedroom will most of the times determine size of your new single bed. In addition, the size will also depend on who is going to sleep on it or the space you like to have to rest. The thing to keep in mind is that you need a minimum space to change position during sleep to be more comfortable.

Sofa bed make of pallet wood

After we make the pallet bed you will need to buy a mattress. And when buying a mattress one of the characteristics that you must be clear is its size.

The dimensions of the single bed mattress are not the same in all shops. And the names and measurements of the single bed mattress differ and depends on the country of origin.

As with the measurements, the names when using English change and we can find the denominations of Single, Queen, King, or Man-sized for the mattresses or beds that we call here singles.

Standard single pallet bed and mattress sizes

The single bed is one in which only one person will sleep. But that does not mean that they have all the same measurements. Depending on who is going to be the user of that bed, the single bed measurements may vary.

But it’s important to make sure the length and width of your mattress matches your single bed frame. It’s also necessary to make sure the size you choose matches your room and whoever it’s catering for.

In Kenya (and UK) a single bed and mattress is 90cm wide and 190cm long. If you sleep alone this is the most common measurement, 90 cm wide x 190 long. And in imperial dimensions, this is equal to 3 feet wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. As the name suggests, they are ideal for one person. They’re also great for your children as they account for all growth spurts from toddler right through to teen age.

But you will also find small single bed and mattresses of size 75cm wide and 190cm long. And in imperial dimensions, this is equal to 2 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. Small singles are designed to fit narrower kids’ bed frames and guest beds. And therefore you will find them ideal for saving space and for spare rooms.

Even if you sleep on your own, sometimes it is better not to buy yourself a single bed. Because some people need or like a lot of space to sleep on to feel comfortable in. So if you’re one of them consider investing in a double bed.

Single beds for children

The most common measurements that we are going to find for single beds for children are 80 or 90 centimeters wide. But the height can vary.

Single bed for a child

And there are mattresses of 180, 190 and 200 centimeters. Any of them are valid for children and will depend on the pallet bed structure, the space available. The most common is to find mattresses for children of 80 × 180 and 90 × 190.

Many children’s bedrooms are equipped with compact beds or multifunctional furniture. This type of furniture usually needs small mattresses, since they make the most of the space to make the most of it.


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