Pallet rocking chair

Have you ever thought of building a pallet rocking chair out of recycled woodBecause, indeed, it can be done. And it is damn cheaper than buying a ready made one. Please compare the price. And tell me.

Classic wood pallet rocking chair

 A pallet rocking chair is a very special piece of pallet furniture, it has a practical but also fun and aesthetic functionality. The fact that the rocking chair is made from recycled pallet wood only adds to its originality.

Although the pallet rocking chair may seem like a rather difficult seat to build, it is actually very simple to us. And pocket friendly to you. The main material that use is wooden pallets. You know pallets that are usually used as a storage system, in order to transport goods so that they fit with the skids of the machinery that will load and unload.

From these pallets we extract the wooden boards that we use for the pallet rocking chair. Apart from that, we only need nails or screwssandpaper and varnish for the wood. Of course, we can use paint if you want to paint or decorate it to your liking. Any idea is welcome for consideration and customization.

We rarely use hammer preferring screwdriver (for nails or screws) and a circular or jigsaw. We never use a handsaw although it would work but with greater effort.  Comfy recycled wood pallet rocking chair

There are different kinds of pallets and some are more suitable for pallet rocking chair fabrication than others. We start by selecting a functional and aesthetic pallet according to your needs and the décor effect you want. Then we disassemble the wooden boards from the selected pallets. If we see that the wood is very rough, we will sand smooth with power sander. Although a sandpaper would do but consumes more time and effort. If we need to cut the boards from the pallets, we use the jigsaw or a circular saw.

How to fabricate a pallet rocking chair

A chair to help you relax

The first thing is to create the seat base with 4 wooden boards from the pallets: 2 boards of 57 cm and another 2 boards of 47 cm. We arrange them so that they form a rectangle, joining them with screws and a drill.

After that we cover the rectangle by placing 5 pallets that form a flat surface to sit on, attaching it with screws. This will serve as the base for the seat.

The next thing is to build some legs that join the base of the seat with the floor. We screw together two 25-inch boards for the sides, a 16-inch board for the top, and a 19-inch board for the bottom.

And once we have the two sides of the legs, we join them to the base of the seat. To do this, we set the front part at a height of 36 cm, while the back part will be at 33.6 cm. In this way, the rear part is slightly inclined and closer to the ground. Once we have the two legs attached to the base, we will place a 50.8 cm board that goes under the seat between both legs to stabilize the rocking chair.

The base where the back rests we build in a very similar way to the seat: We join 4 boards of 47 cm, which act as a backrest. To join them to the rest of the rocking chair, we use 2 boards of 40.6 cm. These we place on top of the legs, allowing the 4 boards to have a flat surface.

And to build the armrests, we simply put two boards on top of the legs so that the flat part is facing up.

The last step is to transform this chair into a rocking chair. To do this, we create the rockers that will go on the legs and that will allow it to move forward and backward. We cut 2 wooden boards of 91.5 cm so that they make a curve and place them with screws in the legs, using a drill.


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