Pallet out door chair

With pallet out door chair you can create endless pieces of furniture, with a more than spectacular result.

Out door chair made out of pallet wood

Out door chair made out of pallet wood

Taking into account the low cost of pallets and the easy adaptation of this wood, you can make all types of furniture for both interior and exterior and garden.

The wooden pallet outdoor chair is one of the most practical furniture to have in lawn garden or terrace. And you can even paint it the color you like best to give a better finish, aesthetics and protection from weather elements.

Pallet garden chairs and benches are always a practical and attractive element in any outdoor garden. With pallets chair construction does not involve any difficulty.

And you can achieve any style you want to achieve a rustic style or an avant-garde style.  You will use to recycled pallets to achieve the rustic effect, or new to achieve the avant-garde effect. With our custom made outdoor furniture you can achieve wonders that will leave your guests open-mouthed.

Handcrafted bespoke pallet out door chairs

These unique out door chair designs are made using recycled pallets and look beautiful in any garden area or patio or even in a conservatory.

Handcrafted Pallet Outdoor Furniture

Handcrafted Pallet Outdoor Furniture

The wood pallet out door furniture is finished with a with clear varnish. Or you can paint it any color you want.

If you would like the chairs in specific sizes or colors please contact to ask us and we will be happy to do that for you.

If you are tired of being a copycat that we Kenyans, that is why we opted for handmade furniture. Because it becomes unique and original design just for you. 

In addition, out door chairs made of wood pallet are not only much more beautiful than the others, but it will last you many more years.

Finally, if you think that with furniture we are only referring to chairs and tables, you are very wrong. You will be surprised by the all the different wooden furniture master pieces that we have created.

The environment is very important, which is why recycled handmade furniture is the best way to decorate your home without cutting down new trees.

In addition, they will give a vintage touch that is very fashionable and will be unique and personal.
Don’t you feel better being able to release something knowing that you are not going to harm nature?
Change the chip and start recycling in this original way!

Handmade chairs and tables

You can’t buy the plastic chairs with one of these handmade out door pallet chairs. Because they are much more comfortable, but above all in addition to being unique, they are original and special.

And we know that whenever you don’t have your ladder at hand, you get on that wheelchair. We recommend that you look, of course, for something more appropriate to reach the highest places.

Handmade outdoor pallet  tables

Do you remember that wooden pallet table you had that held everything? Well, with our handmade tables you will not have to worry about any incident that may happen.

They will always remain there over the years.  Just as strong and useful as the day you bought them. That day can be today!

Choose this time well and remember that these furniture will accompany you for a long time.

The beautiful time is coming and it is time to go outdoors. Look at some ideas to decorate your terrace or balcony with chairs and tables to eat or enjoy a delicious aperitif.

No matter the size of your terrace or balcony, you will always have a space to incorporate a garden set. Be it a large format or just a small table with a couple of chairs. Everything is possible if you define the style and setting you want to achieve.

Handmade pallet wardrobes

Finally, don’t stop at pallet out door furniture. Bring the out door nature into your home with interior decoration pallet wood furniture. Do you want a piece of furniture with specific measurements? Do you have a lot of things to put away and need it to hold? Well then you need a handmade wardrobe.

Each house is different and our artisans are there to help you. In addition, this way you can maintain the same style of furniture throughout your home, out door and in the interior.


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