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What is a Pallet Full Bed

The wood pallet full bed is smaller than the queen bed and larger than the double bed. And it measures 4.5 feet long and 6.25 feet wide. If you have a small room, the full-size bed is a good option, it will take up less space compared to the queen bed.

The wooden pallet full bed in a child's room

A few years ago, the full-size bed was the most popular mattress for couples, as smaller main rooms were very common in homes. If you are buying a bed, it is very important to consider the size of your room. The wooden pallet full bed can be a perfect option for your small guest room or your child’s room.

However, after the invention of the double bed, which is slightly larger than the double bed, the double bed became very common in children’s rooms. The size of the full bed, which is slightly wider than the single bed, allows parents to enjoy space with their child in bed. So parents can easily sleep with children to tell bedtime stories.

The pallet full-size bed can be placed against a wall, it will give you more space around a bed to walk comfortably. And t will look great in small rooms; This is the most space-saving option for small rooms.

Advantage of the wooden pallet full bed

  • furniture made of pallet wood is cheaper in price
  • and a full bed takes up less space
  • It is perfect for a single person
  • and its accessories are not too heavy and readily available.


  • The full bed offers 27 inches of space per person and is not ideal for couples.

Pallet full bed vs queen bed vs double bed 

The pallet double bed is becoming popular and mainstream by the day. Because it provides you with more space as it is wider than the full bed. The pallet queen bed is 5 feet wide, which is 6 inches wider than the full bed and 6.5 feet or 5 inches longer than the full bed.

pallet double bed

It is very important to consider the size of the room or the one you need it when buying a queen size bed. Couples can have a more pleasant sleep experience on the queen size bed compared to the full-size bed; Provides 30 inches of space per person.

The Queen bed is the best option for large master bedrooms; it will look great if placed with your head against the wall and both sides of the bed should have room to move.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the queen size bed.

Advantage of pallet queen bed

  • It is good for couples
  • Its accessories are readily available.
  • Provides you with more legroom.

Disadvantages of queen bed

  • It is more expensive
  • Slightly heavier

Key differences 

  1. The difference between the pallet full-size bed and the double bed is a few inches. A full size bed is slightly smaller than a double size bed. And on the other hand, queen size beds are 60 inches (152 cm) wide and 80 inches (203 cm) long.
  2. The full-size bed is mainly suitable for small rooms or children’s rooms. However, the queen bed can look good in the large main rooms.
  3. For a single person, the wooden pallet full-size bed works quite well. On the other hand, double beds are more suitable for couples.
  4. Full-size beds offer parents more comfort in the child’s bedroom, when parents are sharing the bed to snuggle up for the child to sleep. However, double beds are perfect for the comfort of couples.


Your choice of wood pallet full bed is very personal and depends on the needs and the number of people sleeping in it and the size of the room. When two people sleep together in a double bed, it will be much more comfortable for a couple to share a queen size bed on a daily basis. Full-size beds are a great option for small rooms or children’s rooms.

The difference between the full-size bed and the queen-size bed could be quite considerable, especially if those few inches at the top are what you are looking for. Whatever you choose, make sure the mattress can be moved to the designated room.


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