Pallet bedside table

wood pallet bedside table with drawers

Needless to mention, a Pallet Bedside Table comes with all the benefits of  wooden pallet furniture. And because all our pallet furniture is custom made, this type of wooden tables allows you to highly personalize them. Not only can your personalize them on a decorative level but also on the functional level. For example you can add a glass top on it. Or put some castor wheels on it to give it more functionality. While on the decorative level you can give it a personal touch of color with paint or special varnish.

One drawer nightstand

The recycled wood pallet nightstands are a beautiful and original complement for bedrooms. Because we make the pallet bedside table with different types of pallets to achieve different shapes. We have selected the best bedside table designs so that you can give that different and creative touch in your bedroom. If you want a vintage, minimalist or more natural style,  you will find it at Pallet Furnishing Contractors.

Simple bedside table

Modern Pallet Beside Table Customization

A customized pallet beside tables are a simple way to achieve a new decoration capable of radiating a daring and original look. And without giving up the elegance and sophistication that characterize it so much. They are ideal for you if you want even the smallest detail of your home to squander their own identity. By introducing modern custom made pallet nightstands in your bedroom, you will take decoration  a step further and you will be the order of the day as far as the latest trends are concerned.

Photographs, lamps, alarm clocks or books are not the only objects that you can be place on a bedside table. If you opt for a pallet nightstand with drawers or shelves you can enjoy an extra storage space that, no matter how small it is, is always good for all of us. Thanks to its drawers you will be able to store all your personal belongings just by stretching your arm a little. Be it your underwear such or your glasses, mobile, jewelry, wallet and more. Pallet Furnishing Contractors makes your awakening the best of all with pallet bedside tables that will prevent you from making unnecessary efforts as soon as you get out of bed.


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