King size pallet bed

Assuming you are aware of the benefits of a pallet bed, what is the importance of a King size pallet bed frame? And what are the measurements of a king size bed?

White King size pallet bed

Here we will try to answer these questions as well as why A King Size pallet bed frame is an option that you must consider.

First of all, investing in quality rest and restful sleep is investing in health. And when buying a mattress the first detail that you will take into account will obviously be the dimensions of your bedroom. Based on that, the second fundamental point to assess is the freedom of movement that the mattress can provide during sleep. Choosing a mattress of a smaller size than the one suitable for you can cause you to spend the night in forced, shrunken and inappropriate positions for a good night’s sleep.

King size pallet bed set

Because your body will not be in total contact with the mattress. And you will remove the feet or arms from the outside. In this way, pressure points are generated that prevent blood from flowing correctly. And you will wake up with pain and fatigue.

For your sleep to be restorative and effective, the mattress has to be adapted to your size and height. And add 20 centimeters to allow  for movements. And that is what is important to know. Because the measurements or dimensions of each mattress are not the same in all countries. Beds and mattresses cataloging is different in regions where length is expressed in inches rather than the metric system.

Why choose a king size pallet bed frame?

The King Size pallet bed frame is becoming one of our best sellers. And it is because it is the perfect solution for heavy or large people who share a mattress.

King size pallet bed in natural rustic wood color

King size pallet bed in natural rustic wood color

In Kenya, a larger version of double or double mattresses is classified as King Size. The width is 6 feet or 200 cm and the length is 6 feet or 200 cm. We call it six by six. It is a size that allows a comfortable co-sleeping and with freedom of movement for the two people who sleep together.

Another point to consider when choosing a large mattress is that you need to have a minimum space to change position while you sleep without disturbing your  partner’s sleep. One of the most important decisions that you have to make as a couple is the type of mattress you are going to share. It may seem exaggerated or superficial, but nothing is further from the truth. Sleeping with your partner is a tradition that you embrace without question. And it is a fact that, sometimes, sleeping together can cause problems in the night rest. Either because one of you moves too much, because of a sleep disorder or you have not chosen a bed frame and mattress adapted to your needs.

Which is bigger: King Size or Queen Size?

Until not long ago, the best-selling size was the classic double (135 centimeters wide). However, over time, couples began to appreciate the difficulties just mentioned and began to prefer larger mattresses. The comfort offered by a king size bed is indisputable. In addition to being able to move and stretch at pleasure, you can do it without disturbing your partner’s rest.

The problem that arose was that the King Size did not fit in the bedrooms. So the furniture manufacturers for this room adapted to this demand and began to manufacture smaller furniture. Thus, the main protagonist in the rooms has become the bed. Something that makes all the sense in the world. At the end of the day our quality of life, in all its aspects, depends to a great extent on the quality of our sleep.

The bed and mattress known as Queen Size are the next in terms of dimensions. It is also a good option when you want a large bed but we do not have as much space in your bedroom. Its measurements are 150 centimeters wide by 200 centimeters long. They seem a few inches but they can make a big difference. Either of the two options, King Size or Queen Size, are ideal for people with a height above average. Until a few years ago, these measures did not exist. Taller people had to resign themselves to sleeping with their feet protruding or tucked in a very uncomfortable way. Today, this problem is solved.

Headboard and finishing

You can choose to add any finishing touches to your king size pallet bed frame wood – from paint, to a glossy finish, to patterns. And you can also chose to add a shelf on the top of your headboard to complete the look in a storage functional style.

Decorative pallet wood headboard with lights

Using a 2×6 board, center the board over your existing frame so that it hangs off two inches on both sides. We mount the shelf and drill the board to the top of the frame.

Next, using the same white paint as before (or whichever paint used on the bed frame), we paint the shelf and exterior frame. This helps the shelf to stand out from the rest of the headboard.

Once your pallet headboard is dry, you’re all set to carry it in your bedroom, to add finishing touches like books, vases and photo frames.


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