Floating pallet bed

Floating pallet bed

Floating pallet bed

 The floating pallet bed is testimony of how even the most ordinary bed can become an interior decoration.

Wooden pallet bed suspended on the ceiling

That is if you approach its placement outside the box. For example, not put it on its legs, but hang it. And you can choose according to your liking and according to your capabilities.

Outdoor pallet bed hanging on a tree

And you will get not only an interesting detail of the room design, but also as a bonus – improved sleep. Slightly rocking, like in a baby’s cradle or in mom’s arms, can be more effective than sleeping pills. No wonder a favorite vacation spot in the country is a hammock, which allows you to completely relax and relieve the burden of worries at least for a while.

Not everyone decides to take such a step in the interior of their bedroom. Because many such bed options seem unreliable and in some cases even risky. But we dare assure you – with proper placement of attachments and correctly chosen method, this product will last for many years.

But of course, a similar feature of furniture is attached to the roof, so depends on the quality of the roof.

The classic concrete slab is quite strong, so metal pins from high-quality solid metal alloys will securely maintain it. 

Generally, strong metal hooks are mounted in the ceiling, on which the bed is hung.

But there are other options:

  • Fixing bed hanging on a strong wooden beam located in the roof area.
  • One part of the bed is attached to the wall, and the other is on a rope hanging in the roof area. Thus, the bed is still suspended, but is firmly fixed and will not rock. Therefore this is for for aesthetics than aiding sleep.
  • Located under the roof and mounted on the metal profile, the metal beam is fixed to the roof area.

Floating bed frame underneath lighting

We have seen the two major benefits of a floating bed, aesthetics and relaxation. More for aesthetics but also with a few other functionalities are faux floating pallet beds.

Faux floating pallet bed frames

Faux floating pallet bed

The faux floating pallet bed is made with recycled Euro pallets modified appropriately to be adapted to the bed. It is a faux float because it is actually fix on the floor using an invisible structure that makes it suspended from the ground. The bed has an iron support in the lower part, not visible, to avoid oscillations. You may or may not give it the ropes, although not structural. 

All our pallet furniture are custom made. And therefore you can request for personalized bed and quote accordingly. Because the conception and design possibilities floating pallet beds are endless. Which means you can decide the size, shape, color, finish and functionality of the furniture you are buying.

You can rest assured all our bed are as charming and attractive as the raw material that composes them: pallet wood. Unique furniture, never the same as in nature: no tree is the same as another. Your bed will differ from in shades, with each knot characteristic in its imperfection. And each grain expressive of the ancient history of the tree from which the pallet wood we work.

The result  is harmonious, balanced and proportionate. Because we perfectly adapt our pallet wood furniture to the needs of each individual customer.


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