Boho pallet bed

What is a Boho pallet bed?

Boho fashion and interior decoration first started gaining traction in late 19th Century Europe. But not necessarily with the intent to be fashionable. It was more to make a bold artistic statement and to relish in imaginative freedom. As it was then—and still is—a means of unabashed self-expression for a lot of people. But now boho style also places a great focus on social and environmental consciousness as well.

Wooden Boho Pallet Bed and Headboard

The word ”Boho” in the context of Boho pallet bed stands for Bohemian decorating style. In the Boho style, the use of an outstanding and exclusive piece of furniture is one of the most important points. It can be some relic, a charming object, or an antique or design element that stands out from the whole. In other words your Boho bed becomes the center of all eyes.

The Boho style is a beautiful style of furniture that emphasizes individualism and creativity like no other style. It is a lifestyle that suggests curiosity, joy, freedom, and an expression of one’s personality.

Rules followed in Boho pallet bed design

There is only one rule in a Boho pallet bed design, or any other Boho style furniture: there are no rules.

Feel free and inspired! Choose your pallet furniture, accessories and fabrics by listening only to your instincts. The only things that matter are comfort and coziness. Thick rugs, the comfortable sofas, the light linen fabrics add charm to your interior where your friends will always be happy to relax.

Although there are no guidelines to follow or rules to classify a piece of furniture as “Boho Chic”, looking closely you can identify some common characteristics. Boho Chic furniture is generally very large and comfortable. To create an exotic atmosphere, no element of the decor has sharp corners or spikes. In fact, large and comfortable armchairs, round and rounded shapes and colored fabrics dominate the scene.

Colors in particular are very important, black, brown, olive and beige provide the base. These colors in combination with other brighter and more vibrant ones create harmonious contrasts and interesting combinations. And these adds a touch of exoticism and oriental elegance to your home without being overwhelming.

Use of pallet wood

Other fundamental elements linked to the boho furniture style concern the use of wood or pallet wood, wicker and jute. 

These are contrasted with the colors of the beddings, cushions, carpets and ethnic curtains. The characteristics these three materials ensure that their application in the environments is versatile. But at the same time brings added value, giving soft and graceful lines.

Their delicate color is easily matched to all colors and patterns. Moreover, it manages to give personality and characterize the defined boho style. Furthermore, pallet wood goes perfectly well with the hippie ideal that requires respect for nature. In fact, its biodegradable characteristic makes it even more appealing to the eyes of the boho style. Furthermore, pallet wood is not only applied to furniture, such as terrace chairs, but it is a material also to make the environment more and more creative.

The boho pallet bed style, therefore, is a modern reinterpretation of the bohemian look, adopted by the artists of the 19th century. Together with the materials, color is undoubtedly the prominent protagonist. In this style there is a special coexistence of modern and vintage elements that manage to give a unique and original character. 

Bohemian Bedroom fabrics and Beddings

The artistic flair of a bohemian home is unconventional and takes many of its style ideas from various regions and cultures. Some of these include India, Morocco, Asia and other Eastern influences. Bohemian decors have an old world ambiance that’s layered and rich in colors and patterns. The most prominent features of Bohemian design are bold vibrant colors and a mix of patterns followed by textures. You can go with any level of intensity with this design.


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