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pallet coffee table

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Pallet Loft bed

Pallet loft bed

Wooden pallet storage bed

A wooden pallet storage bed is not only fore owners of small apartments benefits to have a multi-functional bed in the bedroom. By using the empty…Read more

Japanese pallet bed

Japanese pallet bed

Boho pallet bed

What is a Boho pallet bed?

Boho fashion and interior decoration first started gaining traction in late 19th Century Europe. But not necessarily with the intent to be fashionable. It…Read more

Pallet double bed

The Pallet Double Bed has gradually become one of our best-selling products. I think it is a versatile, complete and an economical type of bed.

Read more

Pallet bed with lights

A pallet bed with lights has the ability to change…Read more

King size pallet bed

Assuming you are aware of the benefits of a pallet bed, what is the importance of a King size pallet bed frame? And what are the …Read more

Single pallet bed

We have an abundance of designs and sizes even for a single pallet bed. Or a pallet single bed, whatever you want to call it.

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Twin wood pallet bed

The twin wood pallet bed is one of the…Read more

Floating pallet bed

 The floating pallet bed is testimony of how even the…Read more

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