About Us

Stylish wooden sofa

Our Story

Pallet Furnishing Contractors was establish in 2020 with a primary focus of meeting the demand for custom pallet furniture designs. It is a sister company of Wallpaper Kenya.
Pallet furniture is a popular trend in home decor. It is an interesting and cheaper solution than any other quality FURNITURE. A great advantage of pallet furniture is the option to adjust the size and shape to your own needs. And wooden pallet elements fit most INTERIOR and garden deco styles.
We help turn the clients ideas into reality through our expertise.

Why we are different

We do it custom. Custom size, custom design, custom colors, custom finishing, custom paint. 


The customer is the boss!

Pallet wood dining table with glass top

Super Efficient

Very efficient order processing and delivery of the final product.

Deeply Commited

We are committed to delivering the best!

Highly Skilled

We have the most qualified and highly skilled fundis to deliver your work in the shortest time possible. 

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